What I’ve Learned After Three Months of Blogging

I started my blog in May of 2017. Back in June, I posted a little summary of my personal writing progress after one month of blogging. Now I’m back to fill you in with some of my developments after three months of blogging. From everyone that I’ve talked to, month three is a crucial month. It’s when most bloggers have called it quits because they didn’t see the “results” they were looking for. Whether that means not as many follows, lack of engagement, they thought they’d be millionaires by now, they just decide blogging isn’t for them. I made it! Many of my fellow Bookstagrammers also noted that anywhere between month 3-6 is when they started to get offers from new authors or small publishers for reviews.

Ninth City BurningI can attest to that as well! Around month two, I received my first book to review from Penguin Random House. The book was Ninth City Burning by J. Patrick Black. It’s a dystopian novel that claimed to be similar to The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. I had my doubts and while the book was no Sorcerer’s Stone, it was still an interesting read. I’ll have a review up soon with my full analysis!

I was also ecstatic when debut author, Tiffany McDaniel, contacted me to do an author interview and book review on my blog (the interview can be found here). She wrote The Summer That Melted Everything which was fantastic (my review can be found here)!

The Summer That Melted EverythingThis is all super exciting stuff and I am so thankful for a significant other who pushes me to continue blogging, even when I just don’t feel like writing.

However! In my last blog review, I wrote a lot about feeling embarrassed about my writing and not being brave enough to share it with people I know. My goal was to be sharing with my friends and family by now. I’m not. Ugh. Any advice? Pep talks? I need all I can get because this is really frightening. I also feel like the longer I wait, the harder it is getting to put myself out there.


I’ve also been feeling really disconnected from other bookstagrammers lately. I *finally* got a full-time position and I haven’t made the time that is necessary to truly connect with you all, which has taken a lot of the fun away from posting.

Going forward, my goal is to just share my stuff already, and to really place my attention on making genuine connections, instead of just hitting the “like” button.

As always, please comment below with any advice or even your own experiences! I love hearing everyone’s journey in writing and blogging!


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