They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky: A Review

Man, this book. The last few books I’ve read have been lacking a lot for me but They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky just left me speechless. Please read this book. It’s a necessity.

The Poured Fire on Us From the Sky is a biography on three Sudanese boys. War in Sudan forced these very young “lost boys” out of their homes. They fled with nothing and no one. They came upon impossible circumstances and somehow survived with the help of compassionate strangers or just plain will.

Reading books like this always fascinates me and puts life into perspective. The tribes expected the boys to herd the animals at age four. Maybe this doesn’t sound so crazy to you. How about the fact that lions and hyenas frequently attacked the animals and herders so the FOUR YEAR OLD BOYS had to learn how to scare away the threatening animals. The majority of four year olds in America are spoiled rotten. Their main goal of the day is to convince Mom to give them another Fruit Roll Up.

These boys have been through unbearable situations which seem so normal to them. At one point, one boy stepped on a stake, got an infection in his leg, splintered the bone, and couldn’t get his leg healed for several years due to the lack of clinics. All while this was going on, he had to build a road for the rebel army so he talked about his leg like an afterthought. My gosh! Right now I have a sunburn and every person who asks me how I’m doing I complain to them about MY SUNBURN! I hate myself for ever opening my mouth to complain.

The most frustrating part for me, is that when I read these books, I feel so much compassion and desire to help or do SOMETHING. But, as an American with a nice, cushy life, I quickly forget all of that and go about my daily routine. That is, until I read another tragic biography. I am frustrated with my own selfishness.

It Matters.

Their story is important. They were not the only three boys that this happened to, by far. The numbers are impossible to accurately calculate. Most sources claim 2 million Sudanese have been killed by the civil war with 4 million displaced. I think it’s easy to shrug off people who get “displaced” because that word doesn’t sound so bad. Displaced. A more accurate description should be “4 million Sudanese have fled their families and villages at the threat of rape and murder to barren deserts, starvation, and overpopulated refugee camps.”

This didn’t happen a long time ago. The Poured Fire on Us From the Sky takes place in the 1990s and THIS IS STILL GOING ON. I repeat. This is still a thing. Why? What a powerful and incredible book.

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