Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou: A Review

Well, I’m angry with myself. Approximately three hours after FedEx dropped off Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou, it’s now finished and put away on my bookshelf. One part of me wants to start another book. The other part of me knows I won’t be as satisfied with the next one.

Maya Angelou is a literary genius.

Mom & Me & Mom was such an easy read. Not because it’s juvenile, but because her writing flows so easily with my inner voice. It was as if Maya was reading her book to me while we sat on my suede couch drinking hot cider together. I felt like I was bonding with her and laughing at the same memories. She felt like an old friend. It is very rare for me to thoroughly enjoy an author’s writing style. I always find faults or it feels choppy. We also learn so much about Maya after reading this book. Not just some facts about her, but rather what she was truly like as a human being. She opens up her darkest secrets for us to devour.

Mom & Me & Mom by Maya AngelouThis book highlights some of her most outstanding memories with her mother and about her childhood. She doesn’t try to claim that things were always so picture perfect but she does place her mom in a very special category. Angelou speaks about her mom with such love and adoration.

Through Maya, we get a lot of wise words from her mother and grandmother. I must say, Maya had a lot of smart ladies in her life. I know I’ll be thinking of their words the next time I feel that I’m in a rut.

Mom & Me & Mom is riddled with valuable life lessons. I think my favorite one I’m taking from this book is that holding grudges against family is really very silly. Maya had every reason to hate her mom but she decided to forgive. That forgiveness is what allowed Maya to cherish so many fantastic memories with her mother. She very easily could have followed her brother’s path and missed out on life because of a bitter resentment.

My only complaint about Mom & Me & Mom is that I wish I could hear more. ♥ Click the link below to purchase your copy!


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